A Step Into the Unknown

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A personal message from the MD

I have no idea how this blog will work or if anyone will read it. A common similarity to all our thoughts on how this current situation will pan out.

Its always been an intention of mine to write a blog and share thoughts, messages and stories for years. I have either found an excuse to defer, thought about other things and then at a time when I feel I have no time, it seems the best reach out. No doubt like others, my wife Kate and I are home-schooling our children. Its hard….

An immediate point I want to make is that we are here to speak to you all. As Terry said yesterday on an internal conference call – “9 till 5 is out of the window”. We are working around pressures never seen before. Schools and nurseries are closing and those most at risk can’t step in and look after children as would be the norm. Life has changed – a paradigm shift, yet we are here listening, reassuring and working for you all like never before.

The team at DJH Wealth have taken this challenge and adapted in days. We are all set up to continue and work to the new normal. They themselves face the uncertainty and have to reassure their children and parents that we will all get through.  Angela and Emma are rotating over the week to attend the office, Alex and Dianne are working behind the scenes researching, analysing and drafting advice. Terry, newly promoted to Director has taken on a number of senior management roles whilst continuing to look after his clients. I applaud them all and thank all those clients who we have spoken to for their positive comments and gratitude.

I have watched the government daily and listened to the briefings. Personally, I’m overwhelmed by the support they are offering. I hope that if you need it, it finds you quickly. Red, blue, yellow or raving loony party (for those that remember), I’m glad of the support offered and hoping as a robust business we don’t need the assistance and it can be given to those who need it to keep people employed.

This isn’t going to a be a daily blog about investments, however I sit here reassured that the safe aspects of your portfolios has again had its Ronseal moment, like before in 2008/09. We will be issuing communication regarding investments regularly. You may or not know we work with Tim Hale of Albion. Tim and his team are nothing short of amazing. Google him and his resume speaks for itself. We are in daily contact with the Albion team and will communicate accordingly.

We want to reach out to all clients and if you want to speak to us, or have a meeting, we have the ability to do this online. A positive of this current situation is that it forces you to sit back and innovate. We haven’t panicked,  we absorp whats going on and move forward. An insight into this is Microsoft Teams – a bit of kit we get with our annual subscription to Bill Gates retirement fund. Within about 15 minutes of looking into this further, we’ve created a virtual office with access to everything, for everyone, from anywhere. No wonder Bill has so much dough….

I plan to use this blog going forward to cover some principal aspects.

First and foremost is clients and staff health. As most of you know my knees are ruined (i do complain a tad about them) and as a result of surgery last year and my love of white wine I put on some weight. At this crucial time of thinking about my family and health (and being nudged by Kate) I invested in myself and have been privileged to work with U.P. Cheshire. Its paid off in that I have healthy diet, I’ve shed 21 pounds and feel as good as I’ve ever done. As they have closed due to Covid-19  they will be offering content and insight online and if you want any health advice they are looking into how they can share with all. I can honestly say my personal trainer has more knowledge about diet, health and training than anyone I have ever known.

In terms of safety for clients and staff. The office is closed. You can call us, however if we need “wet” signatures we will email you those forms to print and sign. If you don’t have a printer we can send hard copies and ask for these to be returned. We are asking providers to consider the legal ruling that digital signatures are valid to try and avoid the physical forms.

So where does leave us? Mothers day, birthdays, school leavers, exams, holidays…to say I’ve shed a tear is an understatement. I’m fed up with “unprecedented”, I’m like you all, human, concerned and wanting to help.

If we can do anything to support you or your family please get in touch.


With kind regards,


Richard, Terry, Angela, Emma, Dianne, Alex, Paul and Chris

DJH Wealth